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Current News

Posted: Sat, 03/05/2016 - 17:07

The directions and code for the Image Transitions assignment have been updated. The code is cleaned up and converted to the new CSS3 flexbox format, and the CSS works correctly in all the example rows. You can see this code in action here.

Posted: Tue, 02/16/2016 - 13:57

Today, I added new information to the Text Shadow assignment. Many have already completed this lesson. In such cases, you do not need to resubmit your work, but you might find it helpful to review the new information. If you have not yet completed this assignment, please take a look at the new information before submitting this assignment.


Posted: Mon, 02/15/2016 - 00:01

I've moved the relevant content for the Positioning Elements lesson from the DVD into this website. I also updated the directions, corrected various errors and removed as much non-standard terminology as I could find. Updating this one lesson took many hours, and no doubt I've missed a few things. I've turned on comments for logged in users. Please feel free to post requests for clarification, suggestions, corrections, or other comments.

Posted: Sun, 01/31/2016 - 17:01

Several students have asked if they should use SFTP or SSH to log into their Student Server. Here's the short answer:

  • Use SFTP when you want to transfer files to a remote computer.
  • Use SSH when you want to securely log into a remote computer to enter shell commands, such as sudo wwwme, ls, vi, mysql, etc.

More information

Posted: Sun, 01/31/2016 - 14:53

Today, I added important details on how to log into your account using SSH, and how to correctly set up your public_html directory. If you are having trouble with either of these steps, please see the updated information.

Posted: Sun, 01/24/2016 - 13:46

Canvas LoginThis course has been converted to SRJC's new CANVAS system.
If you have enrolled in an SRJC course, you already have a Canvas account.
Login with your portal (cubby) ID and password. 

Login issues? See the Canvas Login Issues help document.

Posted: Mon, 01/18/2016 - 14:41

All the content on the original wesite is being update, ported over and combined with new information.

The new site includes several features that will make your life as a student easier. Unfortunately, along with change come a few glitches. The SRJC Online Catalog has not yet been updated with the latest course and instructor information. We expect this to be corrected by Tuesday, January 19. If you found your way to the new website before the start of classes, congratulations!

New features

  • Class dates are posted in a public Google calendar to which you can subscribe, and are listed on the course website
  • Lessons are displayed in a searchable database with links to related Assignments. Please note that updates to the later lessons are still being finalized, and will be added to the site as the course progresses.
  • Resources contains important links to the software, tools and information you need.
  • The Student Forum can be used to post questions, share solutions, arrange study groups, etc.
  • The Contact form can be used to reach me at any time. I will strive to respond to all questions within 48 hours.

Posted: Mon, 01/18/2016 - 00:00

This is an exciting time to study Web development. Technologies have matured and combined to enable today's Web developers to build and maintain ever more beautiful, compelling, responsive and functional websites--in less time. CS 50B provides you with hands-on experinece using three of the essential technologies driving current innovations.

  1. HTML is being pushed far beyond what its creators originally envisioned.
  2. Javascript is rapidly entering new niches in an ever expanding technology stack.
  3. CSS continues to evolve to support new kinds of devices, content and design requirements.
Posted: Sun, 01/17/2016 - 03:59

Welcome to the SRJC Spring 2016 semester and to CS 50B, Web Development II. The course begins on Tuesday, January 19.