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Assignment: Create an SRJC Student website account

Start Date: 
Tue, 01/19/2016
Date Due: 
Sun, 01/31/2016
First Things First


1. Create your account on the SRJC Student Linux Server

Create your student web site account on SRJC Student Linux Server using the Student Account Request Form at <https://student.santarosa.edu:85/apply/linux-account.php>. You will be asked to enter your Student ID and Birth date. The birth date format is YYYYMMDD (4 digits for the year, 2 digits for the month, and 2 digits for the day.) Example: A birth date of June 1st 1987 is entered: 19870601

The process is instantaneous. Your student account should be available almost immediately.​

2. Create your Web Root directory.


You must use the server command, sudo wwwme described below to create your webroot directory.

If you have manually created a public_html directory without using this script, you MUST rename or delete it before running the sudo wwwme command.

If you have any trouble with this, send me the login ID and PW for your account on the Student Server, and I'll set the directory up for you.

Logging In

Log onto the Student Server using your preferred SSH (Secure Shell) application. For terminal command users, the SSH login is: ssh -l username student.santarosa.edu 
(See the Resources section if you need to download an SSH application.)

  • Protocol (or Connection Type): SSH
  • Host Name: student.santarosa.edu
  • Username: <your username>
  • Password: <your password>
  • Port: 22

Some username examples:

    Real name: Betty Boop
Username: bboop

   Real name: John De-Groosingen
Username: jdegroos

When your settings are correct, choose Connect. A window will open and you will be prompted to enter your password. The default password is made up of your first and last initials in UPPERCASE followed by the last five digits of your student ID#.

Please note: UNIX is case-sensitive. The username and password values must match exactly. Upper and lowercase matters.

Using wwwme

  1. Once you successfully log in, your window will scroll to display some initial account information.
  2. Wait a few seconds until you see the prompt: username$
  3. Enter the command: sudo wwwme followed by the Enter (Return) key.
  4. You should see a welcome message confirming that the directory was established, as well as the address of your new Web site (or URL). The URL follows this pattern: http://student.santarosa.edu/~username
  5. Write down your URL for future reference.
  6. To end your session on the Student Server, type exit at the prompt.

Note: The command, sudo wwwme establishes the directory (or folder) structure in which your Web pages will be stored. A symlink (or alias) to this directory will be created in your user account home directory.It will be called public_html. You should place your Web files in public_html.

3. Add the URL for your student account to your profile on the CS50B class website

Log into your account at <http://cs50b.ronliskey.com/user>, and edit your profile. You can use the Edit Profile link displayed near the top of the home page once you are logged in.

Add your Student Web site URL (created in step 1) to your profile, and choose Save at the bottom of the form.

Your SRJC Student web site URL will look something like this:


More Information

Please Note: You may have obtained a student account in the past, however because student accounts are removed at the end of each semester you must reapply.